Solar Micro cold room

Ecofrost Technologies solar cold room is the most versatile product in the cold chain industry today. Powered by solar, coupled with novel, inventive technologies, the product is changing the cold chain infrastructure landscape in the most effective manner.

With its predictive maintenance technology, system down-time is never a worry. Your produce is stored at the recommended air-quality conditions ensuring that the produce remains fresh for the maximum duration possible. The cold room comes with a highly intuitive hand held control device which is used to set the right storage conditions with just a few button clicks. You can monitor your product’s performance by viewing the front end panel or by using your own mobile-friendly web application.

Unique Features

Thermal Storage back-up
The thermal storage back-up provided by Ecofrost ensures that the system runs for 24 - 30 hours during non-sunny hours. This is different from a typical thermal storage mechanism where a central back up is created and then disseminated to the room causing inefficiencies.
Remote Monitoring
The system is enabled with remote monitoring features that sends minute by minute data on the operational conditions and health of the system.
Predictive Analytics based maintenance
Our technology enables us to do preventive maintenance of the system. This is made possible through our remote monitoring system. The data from this is analyzed to make conclusions on the health of the system even before the downtime is triggered.
Power Electronics
The power electronics components which go into the product have been designed for the product which ensure efficient solar utilization, compressor operation and back-up creation.
Control System
The control system is the heart of the product which ensures smooth functioning of the product. Its unique algorithms have been developed in-house to enable the system’s operation 24x7.
Battery less compressor operation
Ecofrost operates its compressor and maintains temperature of 2-10 degree Celsius without the support of battery. Unique technology innovation helps to work efficiently with a backup of 24-30 hours during non-sunny days without any battery being operated.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

There are two HMIs in the system- one is mounted on the front of the cold room body which displays the status of the system and the second one is an Android based mobile device. The handheld unit is the controller of the system.