About Us

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Government Profile


Raya Solar has been a pioneer in bridging the gap between various businesses that require solar power and the solar energy industry itself. Started in April 2014 under the leadership of Penchala Kumar Raya, the company has made great inroads in the commissioning and installation of solar equipments to several organizations.

Raya Solar has unmatched experience in operating and maintaining large scale utility projects in the solar energy space. Well-managed operations and maintenance (O&M) along with expectations of the customer and policy regulations are what we abide by as our hallmark.

The solar power sector is consistently on the rise, not only in India but also the world. Whether it is self-sustaining model for government hostels, street lighting systems for residential colonies or other similar projects, our expertise lies in engineering solutions that are based on a deep- rooted understanding of technical knowledge plus the local geographical conditions for each project.

As a major service provider in the solar segment, our goal is to make you count on our experience while we comply equally with the government regulations, procedures and incentives available to meet your solar energy needs. Turning rooftops and free land into green solar power areas besides installation of other solar equipments like solar panels, solar inverters etc., can be a prudent way to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission too.

Raya Solar brings with it the prowess to scale up solar power in your existing portfolio of renewable energy. We can design a customized solar power project for your organization from the beginning, see through all the pulls and pressures that come during the process and not end it after handing over the project to you. Maintenance and regular update of all systems and processes to check for timely glitches will be our focus areas. Funding, commissioning and the after sales service will be taken care of by us. Our trained staff at the 24*7 Customer Response Centre will help you out in getting what you want in the shortest time span possible. Best Product at Best Price is our mantra at Raya Solar.

By providing solar energy as a service provider, we undertake to manage the entire project process as a turnkey power solution for the customer, reduce costs of generating electricity and maintain sustainability. Clean and affordable solar energy is the need of the hour. We at Raya envision solar energy as a reliable and replenishable power generation source for forward-thinking power customers like governments of the state.

Availability of electricity in remote areas Unreachable, off-grid villages and towns of India can benefit immensely through solar power. Commissioning and installation of solar projects and equipments via the government is going to act as a major revenue generator besides initiating productivity for a better world.

Focus on Research and Development The importance of research can never be understated in any sphere. Solar energy is no different either. Continuous evaluation and monitoring of projects, problems occurred, providing solutions in short and long term would definitely held organizations gain benefit of the improved R&D for better use in the future.

Multiple collaborations with major international, national and domestic reputed firms like Bosch, Honeywell etc., is a key feature of RAYA Secured System’s business model. Our provision of 5 year warranty would be applicable to the entire range of products offered by Raya Secured Systems.