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About Us

Corporate Profile


Raya Solar has been a pioneer in bridging the gap between various businesses that require solar power and the solar energy industry itself. Started in April 2014 under the leadership of Penchala Kumar Raya, the company has made great inroads in the commissioning and installation of solar equipments to several organizations

Raya Solar provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services in the solar products range. We offer a wide range of support and maintenance services, including remote operations, diagnostics and helping ensure solar installations deliver optimal performance. As a frontrunner in the solar energy service provider in Andhra Pradesh, we undertake turnkey project solutions for various businesses. Our end-to-end services right from designing, procurement and construction of solar power plants and solar power enabled equipments help you get the best out of your investment.

Operations, Maintenance and Inspections. To protect your financial investment that forms a major part of the solar projects, we look after the operation - post sales service of the solar equipments, every kind of major and minor maintenance issues and also regular, timely inspection of your solar properties. This three step process ensures regular update on the potential optimization for your solar plants and equipments. If any potential is found, the client is immediately informed about the same whilst any problem is immediately attended to at our Customer Response Center that is functional round the clock.

Our work does not end only at selling the manufactured product to you. It is our responsibility to handle all kinds of commercial and technical operational management processes. We take care of everything - from spare parts to skilled personnel training. Fast fault diagnostics and short reaction time are two of our USPs at the Customer Response Center. Our repair services include precise fault localization, quick spare part provisions and efficient trouble shooting. For all kinds of businesses- big and small, it is our pleasure to create an individual package for you, customized according to your budget and other technical needs.

Efficient Technology for Better Returns Standardization of routine processes in solar power plant and equipment installation and operations renders a hassle-free product in your hands. Getting your plant or solar kit earlier than you can think with best returns on investment is our long term aim at Raya Solar. Exact tracking of all system and performance data allows reliable forecast about future outputs. Defined maintenance cycles ensure smooth and flawless operations for a long time. You, as our esteemed customer gain maximum yields over a long life along with our trust

Project Development To maximize your returns, we support you right from the project development stage beginning from site-specific technical assistance to the best planning and construction of solar projects that you can have. Specifically tailored plants according to geographical suitability and customer needs are our hallmark. Your installation, whether as a roof top or surface installation would eventually turn into a success story when you partner with us.

Multiple collaborations with major international, national and domestic reputed firms like Bosch, Honeywell etc., is a key feature of RAYA Secured System’s business model. Our provision of 5 year warranty would be applicable to the entire range of products offered by Raya Solar.