About Raya Solar

" When the Sun is shining I can do anything, no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome. ” -Wilma Rudolph

We at Raya Solar believe in the power of the sun and the wonders that Solar energy can bring about in our everyday lives. Solar energy is an efficient way of reaching a sustainable energy goal while being cost effective. The latest photovoltaic technology helps in harnessing energy from the sun and then through the special semiconductors it is converted into usable direct current energy.

As we dawn upon a new era of increased work and productivity, this renewable source of energy efficiently fulfills the increased demand of energy, lessening the stress on our Earth.

The ease of handling and comfortable pricing of these solar panels makes the usage simple. The variety of equipment available like solar geysers, solar street lights etc. are facilitating ease of use for homes and offices alike. .

At Raya Solar we put together quality, dedication and efficiency to bring the best of all Solar energy solutions to our valuable customers. From the best quality machines by our Strategic Alliance Partners to our able engineers who work assiduously on field to our customer support executives who assist the post purchase queries efficiently, we are a unique one stop shop Solution provider of Solar requirements of all kinds.

Our vision : is to become a national leader as a solution provider in the market of solar energy. We aspire to establish our name for all the requirements of solar energy equipment for every kind of customer.

Our mission : is to provide the customers with best products and post purchase services each time. Setup in 2014, we look forward to a great journey of dedicated work and 100% customer satisfaction in the coming years.

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