Solar Agricultural Pumps

Raya Solar with its own R&D team expertise developed cost effective and high efficiency solution with solar for agricultural pump. This is the best solution with free power form sun during daytime.

Advantages of Solar power

  • Free power to the farmer- heavy subsidy to governmnet.

  • No Night time irrigation -( supply availability to the farmer)

  • Good saving on transmission loss, initial infra expenses (separate line with transformers)

  • Over DG set, diesel cost, transportation cost, and maintenance cost is eliminated

  • No maintenance and easy to operate with unskilled manpower

  • Because of excess of water available to the farmer, additional crop can also be planned, which returns good revenue and productivity.


Raya Solar has customized solar solution for pumps ranging from 05.HP to 25HP. With solar panel array, the generated DC is converted to AC 3 Phase to run the motor by solar, by using VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). Depending up on the capacity of the motor, the solar array and VFD is designed to get maximum yield from form the motor ie water output.